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Dunguaire Castle

Dunguaire Castle standing since 1520

The best thing about having no plans when traveling through Ireland is that when you are driving you come across something like this Castle. Sheila and I were driving to our next destination of Lahinch and we came upon this.

As with anywhere in Ireland it was like where the hell are we going to park so we can go and check this out. If you park on most of the roads in Ireland you will cause traffic jams as they are barely wide enough for two cars. So parking on the side of the road will require one side of traffic to stop so the other person can go around.

Of course I am jumping up and down in my seat saying I want to see the castle, we need to see the castle then we see it, a castle parking area! I was overjoyed. This is what I came to Ireland to do, stop whenever we see something of interest.

I'm heading to the castle like a kid to the toy store! It was so worth the 8 Euros each to go in and see it. Though there was not much to it, the history was there. But come on people it was a dam castle!

It is my understanding that in the banquet hall they do have real banquets with music that people can go and see. If we were more brave, we might have decided to check it out but there was no way we were going to venture out on an oh shit, road in the dark.

So check another thing off my bucket list, find a castle on the side of the road and go explore!

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