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Another rainy day in Ireland

When it rains in Dingle what do you do? You Shop!. We hadn't done much shopping in the trip so far and I can't imagine coming to Ireland and not buying some wool products. I had promised a few people I would pick up specific items for them so off we went.

We just started at the top of the road then walked up and down the streets and hills looking in every shop we could find. Anyone who knows me knows I can hunt out a bargain and found some shops having end of the season sales, so I did get some good bargains on some of the stuff I purchased.

My shopping had to be limited though as whatever I bought would have to fit in my already overpacked suitcases. There was so much I wanted to buy but had to step away otherwise I would be having to throw half my clothes away or buy another suitcase and have to pay and extra baggage fee. We still have a few days in Shannon so you never know.

After we lugged all our packages back to the room, Sheila took a little nap and I continued to plug away at figuring out how to create a proper video for the You Tube channel and how to get all of the pictures up to Instagram.

As we have done most nights it was time to shower, and get dressed and explore the pubs and find some music. We met 3 individuals from Germany in the lobby and they were heading out at the same time so we all headed out together. We were all trying to get to the pubs which was about a 5 minute walk as fast as one can, and as dry as we could. We decided to stop at the An Droicead Beag pub also known as the "yellow" pub due to the building color.

The music was lively and the company was good. Sheila had a ball as they we very interested in her finding her roots and she sat and regaled them with stories of her history and search for her family roots.

The music was very upbeat and very fast. The conversation was much slower as Sheila and I were trying to explain the meaning of some words and they were trying to find the closest English translation to what they were trying to say. We made it work and had a good time.

We didn't close down the pub as we all decided to walk back to the Hillgrove together. I am really glad that I opted to drink more diet coke than alcohol that night. It is much easier to make the walk fully sober, rather than a little tipsy. We were never worried about the walk back as last night we had Jonathan, the nice older man we met and tonight we had our German friends. It was a very safe area and well lit. We will see how tomorrow night goes.

It was off to bed for tomorrow the sun is supposed to shine and we are going to go out on the bay and look for Fungie the Dingle Dolphin.

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