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About a year after Jack died I had dinner with the girls. There were discussions about how I should start dating. Of course I made jokes about how men are too much work and you have to get naked.

What I really wanted to tell them is that I am still very much in love with my Jack, and that I have no room in my heart right now.

I wanted to tell them that what is left of my heart is filled with love for family and friends.

I wanted to tell them that my love for my husband fills the largest part of my heart.

I wanted to tell them that when he died a part of my heart died.

I wanted to tell them that I was so blessed to have loved and been loved as much and as deeply as I was.

I wanted to tell then that I would rather be filled with the memories of that love right now than look for someone so I am not alone.

I wanted to tell them that someday in the future my heart may have room and that while I am living my life and if it is meant to be love will find me again

I did tell them that I am looking forward to someday having my own life and that being on my own is okay. Life is what happens when you aren't looking. I will live life and see what happens

It has been four years and I am still not dating and that is okay. This works for me. If you are lucky enough to find love again, no matter what the time frame is, embrace it with all you have. Don't let anyone tell you that it is too soon, or its time and you need to move on and get back out there.

Jack just happened into my life, I wasn't looking. If I am ever fortunate enough to have someone just happen into my life again my heart may be open enough to see where it goes.

However you choose to pursue love again it is your life, your future, don't let anyone take your Power to lead your life as you choose.

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