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Brittany Music in an Irish Pub

Brittany Cousins

So we started our night heading out to find some good music. We had been fortunate enough to find a traditional Irish ballad singer Ger Wolfe our first night in Dingle. The next night we found some very upbeat traditional Irish musicians. So we started out to see what else was out there.

We went to a few pubs, some didn't have music and others were standing room only. So we would have a drink and move on. As we were trying to find a bar called Moriarty's we walked by this small bar and heard some very beautiful music floating out through the open door. We were like what the heck, let's give this a shot.

The pub was not overly crowded when we got there so we sat at a table while the Brittany cousins were warning up. As we were sitting there a group of six people came in. Since it was only Sheila and I at this larger table we offered to let them have the table and we moved to a smaller table in the corner. It wasn't really a table but a large Keg with stools. We were greeted with Merci's all around. I suspected they were there specifically to see the cousins play. My suspicions were confirmed as the cousins came over to great them.

I headed to the bar to buy a round and ran into Jonathan, the nice older gentleman we met our first night there. It seems he checks out who is playing where and pops in for a pint or two. I suspect he is lonely and enjoys the company.

Before the cousins started playing we went out to the beer garden for a cigarette. we learned that if you put your coaster on top of the glass it means those seats are taken and lets the waitress know you are coming back. I guess not everyone knows that because we came back in and someone had taken one of our seats. I explained we were sitting there, and she apologized. I said no problem, let's see if we can find another stool. I found a shot stool and sat there, until someone left and we shifted seats.

The couple were American and they told us that the owner of O'Sullivan's, Tommy, was a gifted musician in his own right and they were hoping to see him play. They told us that Tommy had married a lady from Dallas. And they bought the bar a few years back.

The Cousin's started playing and we got what we hoped for., a completely different type of music than the previous nights There is such a diversity of musicians in Ireland. Three nights, three completely different sounds. We couldn't have asked for more. After the first set the bar emptied a bit and we moved up closer, tapping our feet and clapping our hands. You can't help but feel good when in a pub with great music.

During the show a girl started talking to them very loudly and said she was from Quebec. The cousins and the girl seemed to have a very funny conversation in French. At the end of the night we talked to the cousins for a short time and we were heading out but we ran into the couple from Quebec, We started talking and I told them my husband was from Quebec. We talked for about an hour. Sheila spent the time talking to the bartender. She was giving Sheila lessons on different alcohols

Well the bar should have officially closed an hour earlier but they just locked the door and let us hang out but it was late and time to go. I hugged the couple from Quebec and thanked them for taking the time to talk to me as it gave me a chance to talk about my Jack.

Off we went on our last walk to the Hillgrove, as we walked back we talked about how much we would miss our time in Ireland. We talked about the people we met and where we've been. We still have two more nights but we are in a hotel close to the airport which won't have the ambiance of the small towns and local pubs.

They do have Uber in Ireland, so you never know, we could find one last small pub in Shannon where we just might meet more interesting people and have on last experience.

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