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Conversations with my husband

Over the years I have posted messages to Jack in my prior blog and on Facebook. I have spent endless hours talking to him while driving in my car and while sitting alone in the dark. I talk to him before I go to sleep and sometimes when I wake up in the morning.

Many a nights I go out on my deck and sit and look up at the stars. There was always this one bright star that shone when I was out there. I called it my Jack star. I would sit there looking at the star and talk to Jack. I would poor my heart out to that star or just talk about the struggles I was going through. I would tell my Jack star how much I missed him and loved him.

I know it may sound crazy but some nights when I went out the star would be dim or I couldn't see it. I would say Jack are you there and the star would get brighter or appear from behind a cloud. I find great comfort in my Jack star. We all need something to hang on to. Something that helps us get through and get connected. I was always so sad when I went to his grave and talked to him. So one night my Jack star appeared. I feel peace and comfort when I am talking to my star. I think we all need a way to stay connected with a loved one we have lost. For me it is words and my Jack star. Find your way, never stop talking to them, for I believe somehow, some way they are listening.

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