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Dingle Harbor

We left Lahinch on Monday morning and started our 3 hour drive to Dingle, where we plan on spending 3 nights. By now, Sheila is a pro at driving and still won't let me behind the wheel. I don't argue though I would like to give it a go but I know how nervous she would be as a passenger, so you make concessions for friends. I do the navigating, getting us to where we need to go. So it works.

I have to honest it is not hard to get around Ireland if you have two people and a GPS. The driver focuses on the road and the navigator, gets the driver to the right entrance and exit points on the round about, and provides information up upcoming curves and turns on the narrow and windy back roads. This allows the driver to slow down and adjust for what is coming up. Some of these curves are extremely sharp and on narrow roads, so this has probably saved us from ending up in a ditch a time or two.

We were lucky our drive to Dingle as most of the journey were main roads, The last 17 Kilometers or so were on narrower , winding roads and it did get a bit hairy at times. I think both Sheila and I wanted to kiss the ground when we got to our destination. We didn't of course as that would have been disgusting..

It was beautiful day in Dingle so we dropped our bags and went for a walk. Our accommodations at the Hillgrove was only about a 5 minute walk from Dingle Center. So we headed to the center to get a lay of the land. We plan to do some shopping so we were checking out the shops, restaurants for eating and checking out which pubs had music. We walked the center then down to the Harbor to check out boat trips as we would love to go out on a dolphin tour. There were several tours but we are going to go with a local guy with a fishing boat, he has a legit tour company but it is small only accommodates about 12 people. Sheila and I agreed we would rather help the small guy then the bigger and fancier tour companies.

So on Weds when the sun is out again we are going to go out to the bay on the Dingle Ahoy Boat Trips. I hope we get to see some dolphins. The boat captain was a really nice guy, and again another pair of beautiful blue eyes. I thought he would have been considered handsome but when he smiled that thought was ruined, His teeth were really bad and I thought what a shame, handsome and so very nice but can't get past the teeth.

After our walk we headed back to our room to rest before we went out for the night, while Sheila napped I was still trying to figure out how to get my video snippets into a full video to upload to you tube. I got frustrated and board, so I decided to walk over to the market to get us supplies. I absolutely love scones. They don't have a lot of sugar but are like a desert.

About 8:30 we decided we had enough room time and headed out to the closest pub. It was a short walk and we knew we would be okay as the area was well lit and had sidewalks. The plan was one drink and back home. Yep that didn't happen.

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