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Even Good Caulk can't fix everything

I learned something about myself while flat on my back trying to fix a leaky sink. Okay I learned two things large breasts make it difficult to squeeze into tight places and that I can swear in 3 languages. I didn’t realize that I knew so may swear words. Being the daughter of a truck driver and growing up as one of the guys I knew I had an extensive repertoire of swear words but somehow over the years I learned many new words in both Spanish and French. I’m bilingual who knew!

I always felt I was pretty handy now I realize, not so much. For instant take that blasted leaky sink. I crawled under that sink with all the confidence in the world that I could fix it after all I had done it before. Problem one, as mentioned before, small space and breasts, had to do some maneuvering so I could work the tools and make sure the light could get through to the work area. Problem two, make sure you have all the tools you need within reach if not you need to go get them and go right back to problem one. Problem 3, plumber chemicals can be pretty strong, you should wear a mask. Right back to Problem one!

I cleaned and sealed the joint, thought had it fixed, but to be sure I laid out a pie plate

with paper towels. Check the next day dam thing still leaking. Okay learning from the first day I put on a sports bra to try to minimize the maneuvering and light blockage. It kind of worked. Resealing the pipes didn’t work.

Okay I am going to caulk the pipe, you know a good caulk can take care of anything! Nope, the caulk at the leak sight remained wet because to the water in the pipe. Okay I am not ready to give up on the caulk, so I clean and dry the joint and again attempt to manipulate the caulk to make sure the job gets done. The man at the store lied to me either I didn’t have good caulk or not even a good caulk can fix anything.

As I continued to explore my endless supply of swear words, I scraped off and discarded the ineffective caulk. My hand slipped and I caught my newly manicured nails. I had broken a few nails and had some tips put on yet the nail did not break or come off due to the strength of the glue.

Eureka! Instead of asking a man how to fix the leak I should have been thinking like a woman! I went out and bought some PVC cement and slathered the outside of the pipe where the leak was. It worked, leak fixed! Though it took some time I realized that I don’t need to depend on a man to get things done, I can get the job done myself with patience, innovation and the right tools.

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