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Final days in Clonmany Ireland

Kate and Sheila on Tulluagh Bay

Leg one of our trip consisted of 3 nights in Clonmanyand Tullagh Bay and the surrounding towns which were all beautiful.

I already shared day one day two with you, day two was almost a complete washout due to Hurricane Ali deciding to blow through. Thank goodness for the movies I had downloaded on to my iPad for when I travel. So Tuesday night through Weds afternoon we watched movies and ate left over pizza and junk food.

But as I have learned Irish weather can change from minute to minute. All morning the winds were howling and we had torrential down pours, yet in the afternoon the sun came out and the winds died down enough to venture out.

We headed off to Kate's cousin, Mary Francis house so Sheila could meet her. I believe Sheila's mother had met her in several years ago. I can't say enough about Irish hospitality. This woman who didn't know us from Adam, welcomed us into her home where we had tea and homemade scones with cream and jam ((yum) . She was warm and engaging.. I am usually uncomfortable in social situations like this but It felt like I had known her forever.

We had only planned to stay for half an hour but ended abut staying well over an hour. We probably had stayed longer but we needed to get out and get real food after surviving off on cold pizza and junk food. So we headed off to the Ballyliffin Hotel bar for some dinner. The atmosphere was fantastic and the service was amazing. The food was the right size proportions and absolutely delicious.

Once we had finished our meal we headed back to the beach house but not before stopping to pick up provisions for the night, beer for Kate, wine for Sheila, diet coke for me, along with a few snacks. Back to Ipad movies and junk food .

On Thursday we got up early, so Sheila and I could head to the Glenevin Falls. Nothing like a morning hike to make you realize how out of shape you are. Walking the path with sheep on either side of you just roaming around is amazing. Only downside to that is if you were looking for the fairy houses scattered throughout the path, you might not see the sheep droppings and end up with sheep poop on your shoes.

We survived the hike and headed back to the house to get Kate and spend some time walking the bay. I don't know what it is but I am always at such peace when I am around the ocean. Maybe I was a mermaid in a former life.

If you ever go to this part of Ireland I would recommend renting the Beach House at Tullagh bay. It is great for a girls trip and families. We hated to leave it but it was off to Derry Northern Ireland to drop Kate off at the airport.

When you go into Northern Ireland you are actually in the UK. Here we encounter a crap load of roundabouts thank goodness for GPS. We only had one Benny Hill moment as we tried to go through a 5 exit round about in heavy traffic. It was what Sheila calls a "Oh Shit" moment.

Then we headed to Donegal Town. Under a separate post I will share our night in the Irish pub

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