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Lahinch, Ireland

view across the street from our apartment

As we arrived in the quaint little village of Lahinch we couldn't help but notice the beautiful coastline and the town consisted of maybe six blocks. Downtown has hotels, restaurants and everything locals needed to get by day to day.

Our destination was the Shamrock Inn a quant little inn above the Shamrock restaurant and Bar. We were getting good at finding the parking in these small villages and figured it was at the back of the inn, which of course it was.

We checked in went up to our room opened the door and said, "oh hell no". We were in a room with a double bed. Don't get me wrong I love Sheila but she doesn't sleep a lot and gets up in the middle of the night and starts texting on her phone. I want my own bed!

Down the stairs we go, apologizing profusely and said we meant to book a room with double beds. Well in Ireland when you book a double, it is a room with one double bed. If you want two beds you need to book a twin, room. Now we are getting used to sleeping in twin beds so we asked if they had another room. Nope, they had a Hen party coming in, all booked up.

Just at that moment not sure if it was the owner or the manager who happened to walk in. He heard what our issue was and indicated they had apartments for rent next door and for an additional 45 Euro per night we could get a two bedroom, two bath apartment " We'll take it "Sheila and I said in unison.

So here we are spending our two nights in Lahinch in this lovely apartment for a total of 145 Euros a night On top of that the manager and some really cute bartender carried up our luggage. When we came home today from our travels the maid was here making beds and cleaning the room, and right now as I type this we are doing our laundry. Yep, got a washer and dryer!

In the morning we go out the front door to the left and we are at the hotel restaurant for our free breakfast. At night same thing if we want a drink out the door and next door over, but I am finding that hotel bars are good to eat at but they are kind of boring. Tonight we hope to go find a local pub with music and rowdy patrons. Wish us luck!

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