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Our first day in Donegal City

Once we arrived in Donegal City it had already been a long day, we had hiked waterfalls, gone through the Mamore Gap (one of the most oh shit roads we have come across in Ireland) and dropped off Kate at the airport in Derry. The drive to Donegal City was pretty simple, good roads and a great GPS.

We pulled into an Aldi's and figured we would buy provisions for the room. We asked at the register for directions to the hotel. Right out straight of the parking lot past the fruits and vegetables and you are there, go in the back and up the stairs.


Surprisingly enough we found it. The Diamond Lodgings is located on the 3rd floor in a building filled with businesses. The building has no elevator! Now I don't pack light and had two suitcases and a backpack, one of the suitcases was fairly large. Sheila had the same amount of luggage. We decided that we were going to get it all up in one trip. Not the brightest idea we have had this trip.

So up we go two flights of stairs lugging two suitcases each, we weren't sure if we were going to make it. I had to stop on the second floor, to catch my breath. Sheila made it to the top before she was ready to collapse but we did it. One trip wonders! The hotel manager was so kind and friendly. the room was clean and provided the standard amenities.

It was time to shower, put on our going to meeting clothes and head out to dinner, which was a good idea since neither Sheila and I had eaten that day, we were having to much fun. We headed out and walked around Donegal City looking for somewhere to eat and decided on the Abbey Hotel Bar. Great food and great service. I am not supposed to say that Sheila thought the seafood chowder she had would give Jon a run for his money. With dinner completed it was time to hit our first Irish Pub.

We found this little hole in the wall "The Reel Inn". Tiny pub, dated as hell but a great atmosphere. That is where I met Charlie. I will write about Charlie under a separate blog. Though we met some locals most of the people we met were from the States or other countries, we met a lovely Germany couple, a guy from Portsmouth, a couple from Montana, A guy from NY and one from Ohio.

As the night went on the pub filled up as people came to hear the music. Just two guys playing and singing and it was wonderful. I didn't know what was proper or not but I did try and get some of it on my phone. I will try to download it somehow to share.

But all good things must come to an end and it was time to come home, while we could still walk. Honestly I was in pretty good shape as I only had 4 beers the whole night. The good thing about staying dead center of the town, is you get to walk home from the pub!

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