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Our last night in Lahinch

View from our apartment in Lahinch

Lahinch was wonderful little town. The people were so friendly, everywhere you went there was always someone to talk to. Unlike Donegal city the pubs were not crowded with tourists. We've learned overtime that the pubs don't start going until around 10:00, that is when the music starts and the locals show up. So we spent the evening doing our laundry and hanging out so we could hit the pub at the right time.

Around 9:00 we started off and decided to go to a pub called the Nineteenth, the main bar area was packed so we went into the back room which was empty except for a few guys watching golf. To be honest we were kind of bored so we decided to go out to the beer garden for a smoke before we headed out. A beer garden is where you can go out and drink and smoke, sort of like a patio here but covered.

It is there we met a couple of young kids named Ann Marie and Brandaugh, They were really great kids and had us laughing all night. I guess they used to be a couple but as Ann Marie told me in the ladies room that Brandaugh broke her heart and now they are just friends.

They invited us to go to another pub called George's where Brandaugh's father worked. We stopped at the bar, I got us a round and we headed to the beer garden. As we sat there a host of locals would pop over. The first gentleman was, this, a Trump supporter. Now you don't talk politic or religion in a pub but he was asking me direct questions so I answered him. We got into a bit of a debate about our current president. I was kind of happy when he walked away.

Then came the pub comedian, really nice guy with wild hair and an amazing sense of humor. He never stopped talking and we never stopped laughing. . Brandaugh told us he is always like that and he swears he must talk in his sleep. We really liked him. I wished I could remember his name.

Brandaugh's dad, Gordan came out and when you think of a hot Irishman he fit the bill, rugged good looks and the body to match. He was a quite man who didn't say much but oh. when he smiled no woman was immune.

The last person we met was some very drunk woman who notified us that she had three children and it was her first time out in a month. It sure did look like she was making the most of it. She was probably early forties, pretty, and boy did she have the girls pouring out of the bustier she was wearing. She was really out there, one of the waitresses came out to have a cigarette and got up to leave and drunk lady pulls her down has her in a headlock and says she should stay. I am looking at the waitress and asking can you breathe, she says barely. Every time she tried to get up the choke hold got tighter, and I believe drunk lady actually coped a feel on the poor waitress. We tried to distract drunk lady and the waitress made a run for it. Sheila and Ann Marie were like WTF is going on, I found it funny, especially since I wasn't the one in the headlock being felt up, but I did feel bad for the waitress. I do believe they knew each other as drunk lady told us her brother was a bouncer there. So it probably wasn't as bad as it looked. I believe that was our cue that it was time to leave.

We closed down the pub, which was around 12 on a Sunday night. We hugged Brandaugh, and Ann Marie and thanked them for the wonderful night. We even hugged funny guy. Unfortunately, I didn't think Gordon was the hugging type which was a really a shame. I would have thoroughly enjoyed getting a hug from an Irish hottie! Oh well still have another 5 nights you never know.

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